Release History

Version: v2.2
Release time: 2019.3.19

+Add forward and backward page features in the home video list
+Add page number bar function in more movie panels
* Optimized the cleanup of duplicate movie plugin judgment logic, improving the recognition rate of duplicate movies
* When the movie position is changed, if it is added again, it can quickly and automatically adapt the information associated with the previous movie.
* Fixed an issue where the program sometimes lost response when you quickly clicked on the tab in the left navigation bar multiple times in the main panel.
* Main interface, increase the list by the highest rating to display the list of movies
*You can manually mark whether you have watched the status in the movie properties.
* Optimize the display of the interface management list after some columns are hidden
*When the location of the movie is changed or deleted, a prompt will appear when you click play.
* When getting video related information, the current processed digital progress will be displayed in the lower right corner of the main interface.
* Fixed an issue where you can’t choose to delete the corresponding movie file after deleting the movie record.
* Fixed an issue where the interface was prone to loss of response in some cases.
* Optimization and improvement of other details

Version: v2.0
Release time: 2018.8.25